What is an Everyday Mogul?

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Everyday: commonplace; ordinary; normal

Mogul: A great personage; a very rich or powerful person; a magnate

Everyday and mogul seem to be polar opposites. However, I feel like the term describes most individuals who are creating their own businesses and are all about making a huge impact in the process.

To me an everyday mogul is an entrepreneur, or one in the making, who is looking to improve their lives and that of others.  They are someone who is seeking financial independence but not necessarily millions.

To me a mogul isn’t just someone rich and famous. To me a mogul is an entrepreneur who is taking action and creating their own income stream.

I feel like anyone can become a mogul in their own life. Anyone can do great things. You can start your own business, even doing so while working full time.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire and motivate others to fulfill their goal of entrepreneurship. It’s not wishful thinking or maybe one day but it’s about action. Taking action now and creating a better future for yourself and your family.

For most of us, working at our 9-5 until we retire, is simply not going to cut it.

We want and deserve more, but the only way to achieve that is through ACTION.

Over the course of the next few months my goal is to replace my full time day job with becoming a full time entrepreneur.

Who’s with me? What are your goals and when do you plan to leave your day job?


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