Make Money Selling on Ebay: What Sold the Week of – July 5-11, 2015

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This past week has been another good week for me selling on eBay. I even had a sale on Bonanza. I got another return this week for a Gameboy radio that didn’t work. I’m mad at myself because i didn’t test it and will most likely get a defect. It was also such a low dollar item that I should have just not listed it to begin with.

One a good note, the Nintendo 64 that was returned last week, because of a crack that happened during shipping, has been resold for more money.

So on to this week’s sales.

Sales for the week of July 5-11, 2015
Total Items in Store: 271 (as of 7/14/15)
Items Sold: 9 (1 Bonanza)
Cost of Items Sold: approx. $5 (3 household items)
Total Sales: $362.77 ($219.71 household items)
Highest Price Sold: $180
Lowest Price Sold: $1.99
International Sales: 0
Returns: 1
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: 0
Number of items listed this week: 10

wii bundle







This is part of Wii bundle that belonged to our family.
Price: Free/Sold $180 (best offer)










Cuisinart Rotisserie – I got this at an auction. It was completely so dirty and disgusting. It took me a while to clean it up.
Paid: $1.77/Sold: $121.60 (sale)

maternity dress









Motherhood Maternity Dress – this was one of my maternity dresses that I originally bought at a thrift store.
Paid: free/Sold: $20.76 (sale)

Lessons learned:

1. Research shipping for larger items before shipping. It cost me $56 to send the Wii. I should have looked into Fedex or UPS ground when I listed it to see if it would have been cheaper.

2. Stop buying lost cost items. I don’t mind listing low cost items from my house but when I’m thrifting, I have a tendency to buy cheap thing. Which leads to me asking, “Why am I not making any money”? It’s because I was selling such cheap things. Once the higher priced items started selling, my Paypal account was looking better and better.

I’m so close to reach 300 items in my store. My goal for the week is to get to 300.

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