How to Stay Motivated – Five Tips to Staying On Track While Running a Business and Working Full-time

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Staying motivated when you’re self-employed can be a daunting task, especially if you’re still working a full time job. It’s needs to be an ongoing process in order for you to see serious results. There are various things you can mentally and physically to keep motivated.

The below 5 tips are just a sample of what can be done to move your business forward in the coming months.

1.      Keep a Positive Attitude – There are many things in life that we have no control over. However, one thing we can control is our outlook. Maintaining a positive outlook can be difficult if you have negative people around you. If that’s the case, try to reduce your contact with them. Unfortunately this can be a close relative or friend. But soaking in all their negative talk will deter you from your goals and move you in the oppostive direction of where you want to be. On the other hand, when you surround yourself with positive and upbuilding people, their good disposition will no doubt rub off on you. If you find yourself feeling down or in a slump, take time to reevaluate your current situation and what you can do to improve it.

2.      Minimize time wasters – There are some many things and people vying for our time and attention. Determine the activities that you must do and eliminate the rest. When you’re first starting your business, you may have to forgo some of the pleasures you once enjoyed. Maybe you can’t watch your favorite shows every night or hang out with your friends as much. Explain to your friends and family that you’re starting a new business and you need to devote as much free time to it as possible.

3.      Work efficiently – Since you’re still balancing working full time and starting a business, you have to learn to manager your time effectively. This is a step that I always have to remind myself to do. One thing that has helped me to get projects down is to bring my laptop with me to work and work on my businesses during my lunch break. This way I’m not using my employer’s resources and I’m still being productive. Try to think of ways you can work efficiently throughout the week to get things done for your business.

4.      Maintain a work/life balance – Everything can’t and shouldn’t be about your business. It’s important to try to maintain some balance in your life, especially if you have a family to help care for. One thing that will help alleviate stress is to communicate with your spouse or partner and let them know when you plan to work on your business. Once you have established set days and times, stick to it. If you can’t carve out time during the day or evening, you may have to work on your business when everyone else is sleeping. This can either be early mornings or late at time. Whatever time you choose, make a schedule and try to stick to it. That way your family with know when you’re available and have time for them and when you’re working on your business.

5.      Take care of yourself –   This last tip really shouldn’t be taken lightly. Balancing a side business, full time job and other family responsibilities can be stressful. Make sure to take time out for yourself so you don’t become burned out. Find a stress reliever such as exercising or stretching. Thirty minutes a day or even three times a week can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

Although it does take some effort to remain motivated and focused, the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices. What are some things you have done to stay motivated while working on your side business?


What is an Everyday Mogul?

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Everyday: commonplace; ordinary; normal

Mogul: A great personage; a very rich or powerful person; a magnate

Everyday and mogul seem to be polar opposites. However, I feel like the term describes most individuals who are creating their own businesses and are all about making a huge impact in the process.

To me an everyday mogul is an entrepreneur, or one in the making, who is looking to improve their lives and that of others.  They are someone who is seeking financial independence but not necessarily millions.

To me a mogul isn’t just someone rich and famous. To me a mogul is an entrepreneur who is taking action and creating their own income stream.

I feel like anyone can become a mogul in their own life. Anyone can do great things. You can start your own business, even doing so while working full time.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire and motivate others to fulfill their goal of entrepreneurship. It’s not wishful thinking or maybe one day but it’s about action. Taking action now and creating a better future for yourself and your family.

For most of us, working at our 9-5 until we retire, is simply not going to cut it.

We want and deserve more, but the only way to achieve that is through ACTION.

Over the course of the next few months my goal is to replace my full time day job with becoming a full time entrepreneur.

Who’s with me? What are your goals and when do you plan to leave your day job?