How I Got Approved In The Restricted Health and Beauty Category On Amazon FBA

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How I Got Approved In The Restricted Health






I’m so excited that I got approved!

I’d been researching for weeks, watching Youtube videos and reading every blog post that I could find. I wanted to try to get approved on the first try without having to resubmit more and more paperwork to Amazon.

The first thing that I did was order extra coupons online. I purchased 10 inserts for the week. I knew that CVS was having a sale on Almay & V05 products coming up and I wanted to reduce my costs. I’m sure I could have found cheaper items, but I also wanted products I could eventually send in to sell as well.

After my coupons came in I went shopping. On my first trip I bought 10 Almay Lip glosses. During my research, I noted that people were saying they needed to prove to Amazon that they were purchasing enough products for resale so I decided to get 10 of everything. Since I earned some Extracare bucks, I came back the next day and got 10 V05 products. I also picked up some health and personal care products for later.

I also went to Target and bought 10 Garnier products. Since I spent over a certain amount, I was able to get 2 different $5 gift cards that I could use during my visit. I just had to split up the transactions.

When I got home, I typed up my name, address, phone number, email and ASIN number for each of the products that was on the receipt I was going to submit. Then I printed it out and photocopied the receipt that corresponded to those ASIN numbers. I had three different receipts from Target and I included them all on one page. Also since my Target doesnt include their address on the receipt, I typed their address and printed it out and taped it on the receipt so that when I copied it, it looked like it belonged there.

Before I submitted the receipts, I blacked out all the prices with a marker and then scanned the paper into my computer.

In total, I submitted three PDF’s with the receipts for all the products.

I submitted everything on a Friday afternoon. Even though the email said I would hear back in 24 hours, I didnt get a response until late Tuesday night.

So far I’ve sent in the majority of the products I got from CVS & Target. Some of the lip glosses I bought were in the Health & Personal care category so I have to wait on those. I also sent in some makeup I got from an online auction. So far I’ve sold one Garnier and one makeup product.

The process was alot easier than I thought it would be. The part that took the longest was waiting for them to get back to me. In the coming weeks, I want to get approved in more categories. I’m reading a book that I downloaded from Kindle Unlimited that’s supposed to help get you approved in some of the other gated categories. After I get approved, I’ll give a review to see if the book helped or not.

How successful have you been getting approved in gated categories?

Buying Used Liquidation Books and Makeup to Sell on Ebay and Amazon FBA

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Liquidation Lot


I’ve had some success previously selling books so I decided to purchase a liquidation lot of books and makeup. The books had a manifest that included the book titles but not the isbn number. I paid $195.49 for 91 books (I haven’t counted them all yet). This was more than I would normally want to pay, but after looking up a few books from the manifest, I thought that I would at least be able to get my money back.

I paid $145.25 for 325 (I haven’t counted them all yet) makeup products. Even if I’m unable to send them into Amazon (after I got approval), I figured I could still sell them on ebay if i needed to.

Over the last few days I’ve been scanning the books and it seems like the profit that I make is going to be to be close to what I paid. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to recoup my costs since some of the books are either slow sellers, are seriously old or are damaged. I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be able to make some money but it’s definitely going to take a few months.

My goal is to have all the books sent in by the end of the week and then I can start listing the makeup. I’ll doing sales updates over the next few months to show if this purchase was a winner or loser.

Have you purchased liquidation products before?

Make Money Selling Used Books on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – My $7.95 Book Experiment

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Even though I’ve been selling on Amazon FBA for a about a year now, my sales haven’t been all that impressive. But to be honest, I haven’t been putting that much effect into it either. As I transition from working outside the home, to being a work at home mom, I decided I wanted to ramp up my FBA inventory and start sending more items into their warehouse.

A few weeks ago I went to an auction and got 36 free books that someone didn’t want. I knew I didn’t want to try and sell them one by one on eBay so I figured FBA would be the best option. It’s a great way for me to free up space in my house as well as see if I can increase my inventory.

As I was scanning the books to check the sales rank and the current price, I realized that most of the books were ranked really high (in the 1 million or above range) with few FBA sellers, really low (under 100k) with a lot of other sellers or in the middle.

When checking the current price, it seemed that most were in the $5 range. I figured in order for me to see some sort of profit after Amazon takes their fees, I wanted to try and sell them for at least $7.50. A few books I priced a little higher to match the lowest price. The inbound shipping charge to Amazon was $16.04. After FBA fees and shipping, I should net about $1.66 per book. Obviously this is nothing earth shattering. But since the books were free, I’d be happy with any profit.

My objective with this experiment is:

  1. See if these books will actually sell at $7.50, even if there are books priced lower
  2. How long will it take for the books to sell?
  3. How much money can I make off of free books?

I’ll be checking back in over the next few months with any updates. Do you sell books on Amazon FBA? Do you have a certain minimum price point regardless of sales rank?